Saturday, December 22, 2007

Black Business Monthly

I found a new tabloid when I went downtown on Friday. There are issues dedicated to the cities with a sizeable black population. If you go to their website you will see issues from Minneapolis/St. Paul and Chicago with publications coming soon for Los Angeles and Tennessee. They really should have Atlanta, Georgia as an offering, perhaps they will one day soon.

Anyway the December 2007 issues has on the cover prominent black bankers in Chicago. We'll see Walter Grady, CEO/President of Seaway National Bank; Dennis J. Irvin, President and CEO of Highland Community Bank; Norman J. Williams Chairman/CEO of Illinois Service Federal Bank; and Gregg H. Brown of South Side Federal Credit Union. I don't know about the South Side Credit Union but the rest of the banks mentioned are black owned.

Check out the PDF version of the Chicago tabloid and hopefully you might see copies around the area in the future.

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