Wednesday, November 21, 2007

How does this guy still have a job?

The nephew of a late former Congressman under fire for some rather serious un-PC behavior. It was recommended that he be fired, however, he was allowed to keep his job at the city of Chicago. From the Sun-Times...
Joseph Annunzio used the n-word and other racist and sexist slurs, but won't lose his supervisor's job with the city Department of Transportation, a review panel decided.

Annunzio, 42, nephew of the late Rep. Frank Annunzio (D-Ill.), can return to his $77,000-a-year job, the Human Resources Board decided last week, overruling the city inspector general and a hearing officer who called for his firing. The board upheld his unpaid suspension since May.

The board did find Annunzio made "racist, derogatory and disparaging remarks," but didn't fire him because the most "egregious" allegations weren't backed up by testimony from the target of the barbs.

The co-worker didn't testify about Annunzio allegedly calling him a "Mambo Gorilla" or about Annunzio allegedly putting a tablecloth on his head and acting like a Klansman in the co-worker's office.

Still, 11 co-workers testified Annunzio used profanity and racist slurs.

Two of those said they saw the tablecloth incident.

But none of those who testified said racist slurs were directed at them.

Three other co-workers testified they never heard such slurs.

His boss said he was a hard worker but "lacked people skills."

City Inspector General David Hoffman said the board's decision signals the city can't fire someone for racist and sexist remarks and conduct, even when multiple witnesses confirm them under oath.
Hat-tip goes to Mr. Bill Barr. Happy thanksgiving!

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