Monday, October 15, 2007

Gun control may give Burns a 2nd chance

I'm certainly behind the curve on this one. I haven't read a Laura Washington column for a while and I regret that I did see this column for last week.

So what is it about?

Well it's mostly a column about an aspiring politician seeking a seat in the Illinois House of Representatives. And it looks like he's facing a nice primary contest against an incumbent Elga Jeffries. And if I am to believe this column this incumbent seems like a bad one...
Jeffries, 61, represents the 26th District, which runs south along the lakefront from downtown to South Shore. She was the longtime assistant to state Rep. Lovana "Lou" Jones, who died in office in May 2006. A slew of veteran South Side pols backed Jeffries for the interim appointment to Jones' spot.

Lately some politicians have soured on her. Like Kwame Raoul. Over a recent afternoon tea, Raoul told me he is pushing Burns, his former nemesis. Why?

"Over the course of the year, I had the opportunity to watch Elga," said Raoul.

"And?" I asked.

"Nice lady." Raoul paused, then added: "Over her head. She couldn't articulate anything on the [House] floor."

"The killer," he added, was House Bill 758. The measure would close a loophole in Illinois' gun restrictions by requiring that anyone who buys a handgun from a private seller submit to a background check.

Last April the bill failed, two votes short of the 60 needed for passage. Jeffries voted against it, even though she co-sponsored it.

It reminds me of that infamous John Kerry moment, when he exclaimed, "I actually did vote for it ... before I voted against it."
For the record I'm against gun control. How about laws that go after those who commit violent crime instead of taking guns away from everybody. If a fellow politician says something negative about you though I suppose that's saying something.

Oh yeah I decided to do some quick research. She's 61 and apparently I can't find any educational information about her. I don't know where she went to college, that is if she went. Though she's obviously been active in her general community Bronzeville. She was even the Deputy Mayor of Bronzville (so who's the mayor?).

She was appointed to replace Lovanna Jones who died in 2006. I'm tempted to state that Jeffries worked with Jones but I'm too lazy to find that out.

Still I think this is a campaign worth watching. Maybe not for the gun control issue but maybe we might see a better leader for that area emerge to become the state rep up in Bronzeville.


LLR said...

Last April the bill failed, two votes short of the 60 needed for passage. Jeffries voted against it, even though she co-sponsored it.
I too am not a fan of gun control, but how can you not vote for your own bill?

Anonymous said...

This is a really important race, since their district includes the loop, Grant Park and the future site of the Olympics. The only independent candidate in the race is Paul Chadha ( Everyone else is somebody's stooge. Burns is Emil Jone's lackey, Johnson is Jessee Jr's fool and Jeffries owes her soul to the South Side aldermen who got her appointed. As a longtime district resident and someone who sees the state of Illinois as a complete disaster zone, I can tell you I'm voting for no incumbents and no candidate with any ties to the corrupt authorities presently flushing our State's future down the toilet.

JP Paulus said...

What about Phillip Jackson of the Black Star project?

i know he has tried to run for office before, but this might be do-able for him.

Mr. Chadha, please do NOT attack Mr. Jackson, or else you both will lose.

The current rep, according to latest reported contributions, is VERY vulnerable. Only by attacking the top 2, and getting the votes of those who might not vote for them, or anyone else, is key to winning.

PLEASE be positive!

Anonymous said...

This is not Mr. Chadha posting this, though I am a supporter of his. Sorry for the confusion.

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