Wednesday, September 19, 2007

OJ is not a smart man

I saw this in an email from FOX News. I didn't feel like looking for a article from there so I got the Sun-Times instead...
Prosecutors filed formal charges Tuesday against O.J. Simpson, alleging the ex-football star committed 10 felonies in the armed robbery of sports memorabilia collectors in a casino-hotel room.

Simpson was arrested Sunday after a collector reported armed men charged into his hotel room and took several items Simpson claimed belonged to him.

Simpson, 60, was booked on five felony counts, including suspicion of assault and robbery with a deadly weapon. District Attorney David Roger filed those charges and added five other felonies, including kidnapping and conspiracy to commit kidnapping, according to court documents.

Simpson, accused along with three others, faces the possibility of life in prison if convicted. He was being held without bail and is scheduled to be arraigned today.
Simpson and the others allegedly went to the hotel room at the Palace Station casino under the pretext of brokering a deal with Alfred Beardsley and Bruce Fromong, collectors of Simpson memorabilia.

Once in the room, Simpson prevented one of the collectors from calling 911 on his cell phone ''by ripping it out of Fromong's hand'' while one or more accomplices pointed or displayed a handgun.

The complaint doesn't specify which of the men involved was carrying the weapon.

Fromong, a crucial witness in the case, was in critical condition in a Los Angeles hospital on Tuesday, after suffering a heart attack Monday, according to a spokeswoman at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Beardsley has said he doesn't want to pursue the case.
A lot of people seem to see this as come uppance. A lot of people in the world of public opinion haven't let this case go. OJ is still going to be guilty in their eyes although he's been found guilty of murder over a decade ago.

Still for a man who should stay out of the public eye he sure has been able to keep himself in trouble recently. It was a book that would have told a story about how he committed the murders of his ex wife and her companion. A book that is now owned by the Goldman family (Nicole Brown Simpson's companion Ron Goldman). And while the book is said to be available OJ no longer owns the rights and the Goldman's are going to get the proceeds that they never could get from the wrongful death lawsuit a few years ago.

You know you might hear a black comedian talk about how black people don't believe OJ committed the murders. I never really figured that out too much, since I suppose I believe in the system, even though we see stories where the system doesn't work. Especially where the criminal should have gone to jail but a goofy judge elected to be more lenient.

I never understood the racial aspect of the OJ case. Blacks overwhelmingly supported OJ while white wanted him in prison. That may not be the case now at least. Blacks dont care about OJ. After this case I really don't care about him. Because right now he can't help but attract bad publicity and he keeps reminding people of the crime he was acquitted of when he should be keeping a low profile.

This is why I say OJ is not a smart man.

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USpace said...

Good stuff, OJ be going down at last; after the upcoming circus that is...
absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
KILL your wife

deny it then write book
showing how you would do it

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
acquit a murderer

his race should not matter
simply ignore evidence

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