Friday, September 28, 2007

Cubs makes the baseball playoffs

They clinch the National League Central Division title for the second time in this decade. I still remember that memorable 2003 even the play that Steve Bartman became infamous for. That was 2003 and this is 2007.

We have a somewhat new team. A brand new manager. Sammy Sosa is gone. Moises Alou is gone. Mark Prior and Kerry Wood have had problems getting in top shape to be regular pitchers. Of course I'm sure there are others I could name but their names elude me at this point.

The last manager to get the Cubs into the playoffs was Dusty Baker. A year before he led the San Francisco Giants to the World Series but couldn't bring home the ring. He was manager of the Cubs for 4 years but after 2003 he couldn't get the Cubs back into the playoffs. So he was fired. Now we have Lou Piniella who has been a proven winner with a World Series ring under his belt. How many managers had the White Sox or Cubs hired could claim that?

Anyway I really look forward to the baseball playoffs this year.

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