Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Man says cops framed him, seeks $100,000

I don't like to hear stories about this. One the things I do as a blogger is stick up for the police. At the same time no one should tolerate the corrupt or excessive actions of police officers. Unlike a lot of people, I try not to paint a police department as corrupt, brutal, or unfair.

From the Sun-Times...

The city was sued Tuesday for more than $100,000 by a man who claims he was framed by a crew of crooked Chicago cops.

Artis Jackson was arrested on a drug charge in 2004 by officers Erik Johnson and Eural Black.

The officers were arrested the next year on federal corruption charges. Since then, Johnson has pleaded guilty and Black was convicted at trial.

Jackson, meanwhile, skipped bail and was arrested earlier this year for failing to appear in court. But the state drug case against him was dismissed because of the officers' convictions.

The lawsuit claims Jackson's arrest was part of a widescale pattern of corruption by the officers and others.

The officers targeted men like Jackson because they had criminal records and were easier to frame, according to the lawsuit filed by attorney Kenneth N. Flaxman.
Heh, this man suing the city skipped bail and was arresting for failing to appear in court. He doesn't sound like an honest man already. The fact is the charges against him by these two disgraced officers were dismissed. That only lets me know that this actually happened and it was proven in court. In addition to that one of these officers pleaded guily and the other convicted.

Like I said I hate to see stories like this, but at least the system works not only against little people, but those officers who fail to uphold the law.

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