Friday, August 31, 2007

Kentucky governor snubs Aurora in ad

From today's Tribune...
When the governor of Kentucky visited Aurora recently, he didn't tell local officials that he intended to use the City of Lights to convince TV viewers that casinos bring evils and temptations into communities.

During his July visit, Kentucky Gov. Ernie Fletcher's crew took footage of the Hollywood Casino in Aurora. It was used as a TV ad as he readies himself for a re-election campaign.

Fletcher stopped in for a brief chat with Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner but didn't mention the planned ads.

"We are too busy working on things in Aurora to worry about the governor's race in Kentucky," said Carie Anne Ergo, city spokeswoman. She said Aurora found out the day the first ad aired last week because the mayor's office began getting phone calls from journalists in Kentucky.

Although not named specifically, the pink and yellow Hollywood Casino building scrolls across the background of the 30-second TV spot -- also on the governor's Web site -- while Fletcher denounces casinos for having negative social, economic and moral implications on the cities they serve.

"It's a story without a happy ending," Fletcher says in the ad.

Marty Ryall, the governor's campaign manager, said Fletcher visited an undisclosed number of communities with casinos within "a close proximity" to Kentucky as part of his "No Casino Tour."
If I recall correctly this governor has his own ethical issues. I guess he's doing what other ethically challenged politicians do, distract the electorate from his own problems. What can be said about that, eh?

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