Monday, August 13, 2007

I've been on vacation over the weekend

Usually when I take a summer trip out of town, I'd normally inform you. Alas I posted two posts Thursday morning and that was it!

I'm back home now. I was in the deep south for a family reunion as usual. The deep south being Mound Bayou, Mississippi. A town I've been wanting to introduce you to for a while. I may do that later this week, but for now I want to get back in the thick of things.

If you ever wind up in Mississippi for any reason find a way to stay cool and get lots of bug repellant. Mosquitos tend to have a field day.

Anyway, I stayed at two hotels. The first on the way down was at a hotel/casino in Tunica/Robinsonville, Mississippi (The Fitzgerald if you wanna know) and an EconoLodge in Cleveland, Mississippi. At both of those hotels I couldn't manage to pull up the 1n73rw3bs there.

At the Fitz, it's most likely that they want you to spend more time gambling instead of surfing the internet for free. I suppose if you're not gambling, then the casino/hotel isn't making any money.

At the EconoLodge, well I have my complaints and I've made a promise never to go back there. At least when I call to say that I left something in the room they went and got it. That's one compliment and I may reconsider that statement. Still there I couldn't get the internet there at all. Maybe they didn't pay the fee or had an incompetent technical staff or company, I don't know.

Anyway, if I had internet I'd have cranked out a post or two down there. I'm making plans on going back in the near future. I wanted to see some of the other cities. Especially the state capitol Jackson, Mississippi because I've never been. Of course that'll be next time hopefully I'll be able to drive around unlike this time around.

Never fear though, I have some pictures of this trip that I plan to post on the Eye this week so stay tuned for that. A great adventure since this is one place we don't go to often enough anymore. One while we'd find ourselves there almost every year, but now we were lucky to have a family reunion hosted there and we hadn't been there in three or four years.

Anyway stay tuned for more here and the pics are forthcoming.

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