Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Critics Accuse State's Attorney Dick Devine of Racism

I just saw this story of FOX 32's evening news.

Some black clergy and other city black leaders were complaining about the lack of diversity amongst the staff of the Cook County State's Attorney. While the activists where claiming that State's Attorney aren't hiring minorities, the State's Attorney, Dick Devine who's pictured, says that he's made every effort to hiring minorities. In addition to that he threw the ball back into the court of such people as Judge Eugene Pincham and Bishop Larry Trotter by saying that they haven't offered much help in offering qualified candidates to the State's Attorney's office. He also claims to have left the door open for any community leader to come in and discuss their issues with him.

Also alluded to in this story is the issue of pay raises for Cook County prosecutors which is being debated by the Cook County Board. If prosecutors aren't being paid enough in the State's Attorney's office, it's certainly difficult to recruit and maintain qualified and exceptional employees. It appears that prosecutors in the Cook County State's Attorney's office might get the raises they're looking for.

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