Saturday, June 16, 2007

Troutman indicted...

I know I'm late on this story but it was in the news late in the past week so I want to talk a little but about this. Here's a piece of this story...
Five months after charges were first filed against her, former Chicago Ald. Arenda Troutman was indicted Wednesday for allegedly taking a bribe from a developer looking to smooth the way for a project in her ward.

The indictment did not expand the case against Troutman. It accused her of taking a $5,000 cash bribe and a $5,000 check for her campaign fund in exchange for helping to move the project forward.

Troutman allegedly thought she was dealing with a private developer looking to pay her off, but authorities have said the bribe payer was actually working undercover with the FBI.

She could face up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine if she is convicted of the bribery count. Troutman, who lost a re-election bid after she was first charged in January, is free on her own recognizance.

She has repeatedly denied the charges. Troutman's attorneys have said the case amounts to entrapment.

Randall Samborn, spokesman for the U.S. attorney's office, said Troutman would be arraigned at a later date.
In February she lost her re-election bid to a former police officer, Willie Cochrane. I have strolled thru that ward a few times, I still see campaign posters up. Especially Cochran's. Well in fact in a lot of wards nearby posters are up as if the municipal elections aren't over.

Anyway one evening we drove by her former aldermanic offices. They were boarded up. There are still signs up reminding people of who USED to be their alderman. The fact is that since she no longer has the 20th ward seat, there's no point in having those offices. She is still committeeman I imagine, unless it's decided to take that away from her too. At least before the next Democratic committeeman elections next year.

You know I would ride the L and past 63rd Street you would see a nice little campaign poster on a building. It was very visible, campaign poster probably wouldn't be the correct term. We could see the smile on her face as if this was another election in the page.

Unfortuately on election night she wasn't smiling. And she's not dancing either.


JP Paulus said...

The anti-Shiller crowd in the 46th feel like Shiller is blatantly doing illegal things like Troutman, yet nothing seems to have been proven.

The big example is voting there any easy way to see how many incidents were reported (and the possibility that they are related to Shiller)?

It's a claim that comes up every election cycle...that gangs are used, alcoholics are bribed with alcohol, and seniors being "focred" to vote.

Obviously, you can't have cameras in poll places (though it might be nice if they could be allowed to do so in "problem" precincts), but can't someone follow an alcoholic & see the bribe go down (literally)? Or get a confession (after yet another bribe)?

Or video of the gangbangers going to the polls?

They've got video of Shiller's chief of staff dancing (mockingly at the cameraman)...why not that?

Levois, WhatTheHelen & IrishPirate love you so much because only you & Craig Gernherdt (of MorseHellHole) seem to be the only ones not int he 46th ward affirming their hatred of Shiller.

But that crowd seems to ignore your theme verse...while they denounce all of Shiller's sins, and alleged sins, they don't show that they actually take a serious interest in the day to day lives of the poor in Uptown (which they say there is too much of). Why would a homeless person want to support someone who says they've been dumped in Uptown (like garbage)?

if you ever get a chance up here, i encourage you to talk to some people such as the homeless, or those living in subsidized housing (as they are more "legitimate" residents) and see what their perspective is.

e-mail me at jp (at)

JP Paulus said...

No thoughts, Levois?

Surprised IrishPirate hasn't stopped by...

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