Thursday, June 21, 2007

Police say firing led to slaying at Hyde Park eatery

This is the continuing story that I didn't give much of a second thought to for a year until I saw this article. Last year an employee at a Hyde Park Leona's was shot and killed in what was thought to be a robbery. But guess what?

It wasn't a robbery. It was revenge because someone got themself fired and they won't look at themself in the mirror. So this person decided to go find some silly people to confront this man and they just so happened to bring a gun with them.

Now I'll just let the Chicago Tribune tell the rest of the story...
On Wednesday, Cook County Circuit Judge Maura Slattery Boyle set bail at $1 million for Erika Ray, the former Leona's restaurant employee who wanted retribution for her firing, prosecutors said. She was charged with first-degree murder and armed robbery.

The judge denied bail for Lorenzo Wilson, who allegedly shot Ebenezer in the head and chest. He was charged with first-degree murder and felony murder.

An Englewood boy, 14 at the time of the June 2006 slaying, was taken to Juvenile Court to face charges there. Now 15, he is a Sherman Elementary School 8th grader who was picked up by police Tuesday morning at summer school.

A fourth suspect has not been charged, authorities said.

When she was fired, Ray quarreled with Ebenezer, challenging his authority to dismiss her, Police Cmdr. Pat Walsh said Wednesday. When Ray called another supervisor, she was told to go home.

The next night, Ray went to the homes of friends and persuaded them to confront Ebenezer at the restaurant, Assistant State's Atty. Adam Weber said in court. They took a gun with them to the restaurant, he said.

"[Ray] tells them the back door is usually open," Weber said. "All four agreed to go."

Ray, then 24, drove the group to the restaurant, at 1236 E. 53rd St., Weber said. She parked about a block away and waited in the vehicle.

The others went in through the back door and saw Ebenezer counting the evening's receipts, Walsh said.

Wilson, then 18, pulled the gun on Ebenezer and pointed it at his head, Weber said. They struggled, and Wilson shot Ebenezer, he said.

As they fought, the unidentified man who has not been charged stole $1,700 from the cash drawer, Weber said.

After the struggle, Wilson shot Ebenezer a second time before leaving, Weber said.

A bystander witnessed the robbery and slaying, Weber said. That witness identified all four suspects and told authorities the roles each played, he said.

Wilson, who fled to Mississippi and then Florida, confessed to the shooting as he drove south with a friend, Weber said. Along the way, Wilson dismantled the gun but left its clip and handle behind in the vehicle. Wilson's confidant turned the evidence over to police.

The juvenile confessed to a different person and to police, authorities said. He was charged with first-degree murder and armed robbery. Prosecutors originally charged him as an adult, but on Wednesday the judgeordered that he be reprocessed as a juvenile.
Since a silly woman couldn't figure out that the only one to blame for her getting fired was herself she got some people caught up in some mess. She got a 15 year old juvenile (who's in the 8th grade at 15 and I was about to assume that he already flunked) has got himself caught up in this nonsense. I mean what is the purpose of you driving some friends (or silly young men) with you to some stupid place to confront someone about firing you.

On top of that one person had a gun and they even robbed the place and didn't leave without using the gun. It's very sad and very unfortunate and because someone lost their job that cost the person who took it from her their life. And it set this woman and her band of accomplices back even further than they already were.

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