Sunday, May 13, 2007

This was bound to happen wasn't it...

So Blagojevich has finally gotten some play on the blog of On The Fence Films. You know for whenever he unveiled his plan as well as his other health care schemes (for lack of a better term) I was wondering what took those guys so long. Right now when you read their blog their often taking aim at the health care system opposing the idea of a government run health care system. They especially take aim at the Canadian system.

So as a resident of Illinois we can look at the prescription drug import program that Blagojevich unveiled during his first term. Then kid care just last year and finally the gross receipts tax to fund another health care program in Illinois. Yeah what took those guys so long.

BTW, the GRT was voted down in the Illinois House this week. So this is without a doubt a loss. Of course there are those who think this is what the Governor wanted and if only to hammer the legislators as against his plan for a health care program for the people.

So when they looked at the GRT and Blago's dream of universal health insurance in Illinois. He even looked at Rev. Jesse Jackson's opposition to the Governor's plan making the statement...
However, even acclaimed friend of free markets and liberty Jesse Jackson thinks he's going too far:

"It would come through the small-business community like a tsunami," he said in an interview. "For a substantial number of small businesses and many of our established businesses, the tax would be higher than the profit. That is the real problem with it."
I'm thinking that if Blagojevich could target only white-owned businesses for taxation, he could possibly get Jackson on board.
Old news to be sure, Rev. Jackson was attempting to take care of the black business community. This was not a good statement to make on Jackson's oppostion, but still a good point. We already know that a black business group was in oppositon.

Still what took those guys so long to take a look at Illinois' health care politics?

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