Thursday, May 31, 2007

Some HBCU's need to get in on this action...

Whenever I'm at school I would see Georgia license plates with Morehouse College or Spelman College on them, I wondered if I could have such a plate from Illinois. It looks more likely that it will, although I don't know how many Morehouse alumni lives in Illinois. I found this story in the Capitol Fax Morning Shorts from
The Illinois Legislature has approved a bill to allow a handful of private out-of-state colleges to sponsor Illinois specialty license plates to raise money for Illinois student scholarships to their schools.

The measure, which won final passage in the Illinois Senate Wednesday, is limited to private out-of-state schools with at least 10,000 alumni living in Illinois. Supporters say those criteria are met by perhaps 10 universities in the nation.

“The only ones we’re sure of are St. Louis University, Notre Dame (in Indiana), and Marquette (in Wisconsin),” said Sen. Terry Link, D-Waukegan, a sponsor of the legislation.

The bill passed the Senate 37-18, over objections of some who questioned whether Illinois license plates should be promoting out-of-state schools.

Link countered: “If they’re going to help an Illinois resident get a scholarship to go to that university, God bless them.”

If Gov. Rod Blagojevich signs the measure into law, those colleges would be able to sponsor Illinois specialty license plates with their school logos on them, for sale to Illinois drivers.

The specialty-plate fee a first-time $118 payment and $105 a year after that, compared to the regular $78 annual license registration fee in Illinois would be used to provide scholarships to Illinois students to attend those sponsoring schools.
If you wanna know this article lists this bill as SB169.

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