Friday, May 18, 2007

I've neglected that fatal CTA bus shooting...

I saw a blurb of a service for Blair Holt on CLTV today. Father Pfleger of St. Sabina was giving an anti gun diatribe. I changed the channel when Rev. Jesse Jackson stepped up to speak.

Blair Holt was only 16 when he died. The son of a Chicago Police Officer and a Chicago Fire captain, he was killed shielding one of his classmates from a bullet. There have been two arrests already thankfully. And this story is typical, all the shooter sought to do was shoot at a gang member who he's had a running feud with. Instead of hitting his target the bullets caused "collateral damage".

A very unfortunate story all around. One of the assailants surrenders in the parking lot of a White Castle and was reportedly suicidal. I don't know about the other guy, but it sounds like a good sign that this individual was at least remorseful about what happened. He must not be the hardened gangster I could have easily believed him to be.

I'm going to compile as many stories I can possibly compile from this story. And I'm going to start with yesterday's column from the Sun-Times Mary Mitchell...

"I think we are starting to get some momentum," said the Rev. Michael Pfleger. "The thing that people can do right now is search their homes. Every parent, grandparent, auntie and uncle have to look for the guns, The gun that was used to kill Blair Holt was not just laying on the street."

A bus driver on CTA Route 103 -- the bus Holt was riding near 103rd and Halsted when he was fatally shot by another 16-year-old -- called me after reading Tuesday's column to apologize for not taking action sooner.

"I've thought about calling, but it got off my mind," she said. "I've watched this gang activity that they are now talking about. I'm willing to join with you to find solutions because this is not going to go away."

Dr. Gloria Jackson Bacon, founder of the renowned Altgeld Health Center, also called. She is already working with a group of parents, but is willing to do even more.

"If we have to call a meeting to figure out what to do and how do we do it, then please include me," she said.

Before Holt's murder, the executive director of Black-on-Black Love Organization had already asked me to co-chair a memorial service for mothers who have lost children to violence. Now, participating in the event is critical.

"We are launching the 'Godmother' program and putting a call out to moms all over the city of Chicago who have lost their kids to violence to let them know they are not alone," said Frances Wright. "We know these moms can speak to young people and appeal to them to stop the violence."

The event takes place on May 28 at 6 p.m., at Liberty Baptist Church, 4849 S. King Dr. Call (773) 978-0868 for more information.

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Don't take this as a complete compilation by any means.

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