Tuesday, May 15, 2007

UPDATE: Falwell in 'Gravely Serious' Condition

Jerry Falwell is a person I'm sure many of you reading this blog has heard of. This man has been around a long time as a TV evangelist and currently head of his university Liberty University (I say it like that because he founded Liberty in the 1980s). In recent years he's made statements that 9/11 was our punishment for our acceptance of homosexuality.

I'm sure people are dancing over this. Only because they may disagree with his views. It would be unfortunate to celebrate a man's demise. That's not to say he's not made his share of controversial statements that aren't PC. As much as I would like to wish him a speedy recovery, things don't appear to be looking too good for him. From the Tribune...
The Rev. Jerry Falwell was hospitalized in "gravely serious" condition after being found unconscious Tuesday in his office at Liberty University, a school executive said.

Ron Godwin, the university's executive vice president, said Falwell, 73, was found unresponsive around 10:45 a.m. and taken to Lynchburg General Hospital. Godwin said he was not sure what caused the collapse, but he said Falwell "has a history of heart challenges."

"I had breakfast with him, and he was fine at breakfast," Godwin said. "He went to his office, I went to mine, and they found him unresponsive."

Godwin said Falwell was receiving emergency care. A hospital spokeswoman said she had "no information to release at this time."

In any case, I may not always agree with his political and religious views, but I have to accept them. He's led a long life and I'll give him that much. Hopefully the reports that are coming out today aren't as bad as they're being made out to be. Of course either way there will be more updates during the day or until he finally passes away.

UPDATE: Jerry Falwell Dies After Falling Unconscious in His Office from FOXNews.com

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