Sunday, April 22, 2007

This has not been a frequent topic of discussion here...

So why not on this subject? Academic bias or the fact that universities instead of being a convergence of new and different ideas seem to want to stifle such through grading and speech codes. Being ingrained in the online political activist culture I've heard stories. This story I have ran across is just one of many and surely it was bound to happen.

Why, you may ask?

Well the Virginia Tech (VA Tech) shootings from earlier this week. There is going to be some debate over what can be done to keep college students safe from a brooding madman. The knee jerk reaction would be even more gun control. Another response could be to let students have guns, although while I'm not for gun control, I'm not in support of arming college students (or allowing college students arms) in their dorms.

Unfortunately to the misfortune of the Boston professor he's been fired from his job for suggesting that the rampage at VA Tech could have been stopped if another studemt had been carrying another gun....
Nicholas Winset was terminated and permanently barred from the Boston campus after a lecture he gave on Wednesday showed the gunman could have been stopped if another student was carrying a gun, according to a Boston Herald report.

On the Internet web site You Tube, Winset explains how he used a magic marker as a depiction of a gun.

Winset said the re-enactment was part of a lecture on the issue of gun control. He said he wanted to teach his students that they should fight back in violent situations.

BTW, you can watch his videos here.

So Emmanuel College, what's wrong with discussing the effectiveness or the lack of effectiveness of gun control. Isn't this what you need instead of engaging in a kneejerk over reaction of one professor attempting to have a discussion. I think I share the apprehension of allowing a college student a firearm, but firing a professor for discussing this is not the answer.

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