Saturday, April 07, 2007

MC Rove

I don't know if you can consider this either hilarious or painful. This is Karl Rove and some comedians including former Whose Line Is It Anyway? star Colin Mochrie attempting to entertain the crowd at a correspondents' dinner. Oh yeah if you don't know who Karl Rove is, he is the political operative of President Bush.

Also he slaughtered the name of Patrick Fitzgerald the US Attorney who has the political establishment of Illinois shaking. He even convicted former Illinois Governor George Ryan and is on the case of Illinois' current governor. That being said he threw in the name of the man who nominated him Peter Fitzgerald the man whom Barack Obama replaced in the US Senate.

I must say though before this whole trial where Scooter Libby was convicted and put a light on the Bush administration and the fact that Sen. Peter Fitzgerald was successful in getting Patrick Fitzgerald (again no relation between the two) as US attorney in Illinois this video makes it seem like there is still some bad blood between the two. Well I don't know on this evening it's about having fun and eating. Except this part didn't seem like a lot of fun.

Enjoy still.

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