Saturday, April 21, 2007

Killed on camera.

I ran across this story from the Chicago Reader today. I watched the video before I read the actual article. Thankfully the video wasn't particularly graphic and you can't hear anything, but I winced when I saw the man get killed in this video.

The basic details you need to know then you'll have to go over there and read the whole story yourself is that a young man was looking for a friend who apparently was fighting. A police officer who was late dropped his gear drew his weapon and ran toward the disturbance. Things calmed down later and the young man didn't realize there was one thing he had to do and that was to back away from a man with a gun.

Probably arguing with him. Which is fine unless this guy cop or not doesn't have his gun drawn. Sometimes you just have to slow down and relax. Obviously this was a very tense situation.

This video was made back in 2003 and it comes up just in time for the current scandals involving out of control police officers. Anyway I want you to check out the article and the video and hopefully we won't see police officers showing up late for duty and maintaining control of a situation without his finger on the trigger. And believe me I have great appreciation for the difficult job police officers have.

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