Sunday, April 15, 2007

I haven't commented much on the Don Imus story...

I just have to point this article in your direction.

To start I have my opinions on this story and I find out how high passions are. Especially since Imus has lost his job over what was said on his radio show. On the one hand are those who are very much offended by what he said and now I suppose the fans of Imus disappointed that they will no longer hear him on the air.

But come on folks, he's just a radio personality who lost his job. Why are you going to threaten a person's life for speaking up against what offended him? It's almost pointless and it shows how out of control people like this are. This does Imus no good.

I mean he's already lost his job. If he ever wants to pursue another job in radio the last thing he needs is some crazy fan doing something crazy. What's done is done. Making threats doesn't change a thing and makes you feel and look dumb. Especially if it's found out who you are.

This story reminds me of what happened to the dentist although it wasn't exactly substantiated as far as I know. Whatever, people just need to slow down and stop.

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