Monday, April 23, 2007

Hillary would let Bill roam the world

I'm sure when Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton was planning to run for president I'm sure questions were abound as to what role her husband and former President of the United States, Bill Clinton, would play in her administration. She should know above all that he doesn't mind being in the spotlight and being first gentleman would give him that spotlight. My question is, does this hurt Sen. Clinton instead of helping her?

I can only wonder and speculate. When she was in Selma back in March she had President Clinton there with her. Why? Because she knows that black folks still love him and it doesn't help that her fellow Senate Colleague Barack Obama is seeking the Presidency himself and could take away a vital votin block.

This only opened up some questions about whether this candidacy is about her or about her husband. Is she stronger as a candidate with or without him? Frankly if she is seeking to be President she's better off displaying her merits than parading around a face everyone knows.

Anyway check out The Swamp as they talk about how, "Hillary would let Bill roam the world".

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