Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sharpton tears into Obama

I'm not a big fan of Al Sharpton and I tend to think it's sad that people actually take him seriously. That not withstanding now he's going after Obama. That's not to say I'm more of a fan of Sen. Obama, but he has more positives than Rev. Sharpton.

As I pull a litte from this Sun-Times article you will see why Sharpton may be going after Obama...
"Why shouldn't the black community ask questions? Are we now being told, 'You all just shut up?'" Sharpton told a TV reporter from a New York CBS station.

"I'm not going to be cajoled or intimidated by any candidate," said Sharpton, a New Yorker who ran for president in 2004.

Sharpton went on to criticize Obama on other issues, including his relationship with Sen. Joe Lieberman, who's controversial within the Democratic Party.

"Senator Obama and I agree that the war is wrong, but then I want to know why he went to Connecticut and helped Lieberman, the biggest supporter of the war," Sharpton told TV.
The New York Post wrote that Sharpton, who has vied with Jesse Jackson to lead black Americans, is "terrified of being overshadowed by someone of Obama's class and character."

"It's driving Al crazy that Obama is as impressive and popular as he is, and he's not happy about it," a black Democratic activist was quoted as saying.

A source reportedly close to Sharpton also said the New Yorker had wanted to run for president again in 2008, and Obama's White House bid foiled him, according to the Post.
So those last three paragraphs may explain it. This goes back to what was said on this blog in January. And Al Sharpton is only proving that point, however, at least he's not trying to state that the Senator isn't "black" enough. When it comes to this struggle I'd rather Rev. Al gets egg on his face for trying it. And the fact that he isn't running for president in 2008 because of Sen. Obama, that's a good thing.


Political Realm said...

He has a good point that black voters shouldn't automatically support a black candidate, but his attack does seems silly.

Bill Baar said...

Sharpton has the good sense to often wear those comfortable sports outfits even thought he doesn't really look like a guy who exercises much.

I like the new look of the blog here Levois....very nice and professional looking.

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