Monday, March 26, 2007

A Bully Gets Bullied

Interesting video. Not that I agree with the title, but this was the title given on YouTube. I decided not to change it. And check out this link that helps to explain this episode.

This was just horrible. I think the people who went to this show was there to cause disruption. And I don't see how Rush Limbaugh was a bully. Whether you agree or disagree with the conservative, is there really any reason for this behavior? And did this behavior make people look good?

I don't know, but passions on one side of the aisle was very heated. This was a very painful telecast to watch. Perhaps Rush's only mistake was injecting politics into a TV show where the political was not to be discussed. He was guest hosting The Pat Sajak Show after all.

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J.Pittman said...

There was one thing that stood out in the video. The majority of the audience was not in agreement with the hecklers. However they all sat quietly while a few people took the show and ran with it.
It says a lot about the mentality of our society. We are "watchers" We as a society do not want to get involved, even when we disagree.
It takes a few to stand up in opposition to encourage the others to respond. We are a society programed to let someone else fix the problem. No matter what the problem may be.
We have become a nation of weaklings who "go along to get along." The society we live in demands it.
Agree or disagree with the hecklers, we need more people to stand and voice their opinions on how they feel about issues in our society.
It looked as if Rush was at a loss for words. Maybe he was thinking....."live Television may be a bit to hands on." or "Time to hire a bouncer."

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