Sunday, February 11, 2007

Watching Sen. Obama on 60 Minutes

They gave a few distinctions about the "Messiah". Well the most important ones he's left of center, wants to roll back the taxcuts, was the first major candidate to oppose the war before it happened. They did talk about his background (they being Obama and Steve Kroft) about how he sees himself as far as race.

He says that he's rooted in the African-American community but he is not defined by it. They even talk about how blacks see the Senate (i.e. Is he black enough). At this moment they are riding around the far south side of Chicago. Mainly Altgeld Gardens, Roseland along Michigan and along south King Drive. This was apparently where he worked as a community orgainzer earning $13K a year after graduating from Columbia University. Anyway he says that when he played basketball with them and or visit a barbershop he said that this question doesn't normally come up.

Michelle Obama said that as a black man Obama is more likely to get shot going to a gas station than he would have as a Presidential candidate. She also said she outed him on one of his "last" vices. At this moment Kroft asks if the camera is still rolling and Sen. Obama orders the film crew to cut half-way laughing. Basically they were talking about his smoking. Yeah they talked about his past drug use.

Obama at least said that if the American people don't think he's ready (and I think ultimately that they will but who knows if he plays his game right I think he'll be strong in the primaries especially if this movement is as serious as it has buring since his election to the Senate). A good interview by Sen. Obama.

Oh yeah I should note that while people see him as a leader of a new movement Kroft stated that he is 88th in terms of seniority. And I really how this interview got started. He was showing Steve Croft around the Old State Capitol in Springfield and even showed the desk where Lincoln sat as a member of the Illinois General Assembly.

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