Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday's Items

The Tribune now has a local political blog called Clout Street that I have just subscribed to. I found this blog looking at the story from the Tribune about the contests in both the 15th and 18th wards. The universe is only getting bigger for sure there are plenty of blogs looking at mostly local issues. And then those blogs that are run by newspapers such as the Tribune or the Chicago Reader (which is less known and also they have Clout City, clout seems to be a running theme in Chicago). BTW for your reading pleasure I would like to suggest The Swamp if what's going on in Washington, DC is in your interest.

Now the other item to be shared is from the Illinois House Republicans have unveiled a new website and a new project called 102 Ideas. With 102 Ideas they are seeking input from people in all 102 counties in Illinois. A worthwhile project which is only designed to open them up a little. And the Capitol Fax Blog wants to know what you think? And if you got any ideas 102 Ideas is one place where you can express them. So have at it.

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Bill Baar said...

Going to be interesting to see how 102 ideas pans out. The Ill GOP deserves some credit for it.

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