Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Aldermen are janitors

A nice little quote from Chicago Tonight on Channel 11. Credit for finding his actually goes to Eric Zorn of the Tribune blog "Change of Subject".

Ald. Burt Natarus (42nd) on WTTW Ch.-11's "Chicago Tonight" Tuesday: We work here in Chicago because we have 50 janitors taking care of the day-to-day complaints of people.

Moderator Elizabeth Brackett: So you're saying an alderman is in essence a janitor?

Natarus: I am. I'm a janitor. I fix the streets. I fix the curbs. I fix the sidewalks. I plant trees….

Hmmm this is a little better than Ald. Troutman's statement about politicians being hoes. I'm sure someone still sees this as unflattering still though.

Reading about the upcoming municipal elections in Chicago, Ald. Natarus may not make it through this election. We'll have to see though. You should take a look at the lone comment in that post too.

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