Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ald. Troutman is still making the news

And it's starting to look more and more like she might lose her re-election bid. Early last month she was arrested on corruption charged after the FBI raided her home on a search warrant. As you know she has been busy on this blog but even more busy because of her current legal troubles. I would just want to state that I wouldn't be surprised if she wins re-election.

Anyway she lost one of her key supporters as noted in Clout City, a politics blog from the Chicago Reader...
So it was revealing to find out that Troutman lost Brazier’s support when she moved to hold up a $77 million development in Woodlawn recently. She may survive getting charged with bribery by the feds, and she may not need Brazier’s endorsement to win reelection against a couple of previously unknown candidates, but now that both have happened, I’ve got to think she’s a long shot to hold onto her seat.

I called Troutman’s office last week—several times—to set up an appointment with her. It never happened, but the one time I spoke to her personally she complained that Brazier had not only endorsed her opponent Willie Cochran but had been calling other churches in the ward to align them against her.

Brazier told me this wasn’t true. “I have not called other pastors,” he said. “It’s something I would do, but not something I have done.”

Brazier said Troutman’s decision to pull her support for the development was “outrageous” and “irresponsible” after she’d signed off on it a few weeks ago. “It’s time for her to go,” he said.

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