Friday, January 26, 2007


I think I've ran into them on Flickr where they have some photos posted. In any event I ran into one of their videos on YouTube interviewing a representative of the 87th Street Stony Island Chamber of Commerce talking about the general area. The video is embedded below...

But there is more about other Chicago neighborhoods as well and when I decided to post this I was taking a look at their write-ups of Bronzeville. This is one of my neighborhoods of interest. Of course they look at other neighborhoods like for instance the Calumet Heights/Pill Hill neighborhood. And let me just mention they are always looking for writers. If you know anything about your particular neighborhood you should send them an email and write for them.

Anyway enjoy.

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Nathaniel said...

Thanks, Levois!

We are indeed looking for writers who want to share their perspective on neighborhoods all throughout the city. If anyone's interested, they can e-mail me at nswift @

And I'm glad I found your excellent blog, too. I enjoyed reading through the archives a bit, and I'm looking forward to reading your future posts.


Nathaniel Swift
Communications Director, YoChicago

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