Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I was looking at the Chicago Reader politics blog...

Called Clout City, and they had a post about Sen. Barack Obama endorsing Mayor Richard M. Daley in his re-election bid. It wasn't a very positive post. This post ended on this note...
Actually, I don't know why Obama even bothered. Sure, there's a quid pro quo, but it's not as if Daley has a choice: how would it look for the state's top Democrat to back someone other than the state's favorite son? And if Daley didn't support Obama, so what? The mayor has no strings when it comes to national elections. He supported Al Gore in 2000 and did next to nothing for John Kerry in 2004; Gore and Kerry still did about the same in Chicago.

Now that I think about it, endorsing Daley was a boneheaded move. He gave it all away and got next to nothing in return.
But this comment bothers me and it was posted by a man who calls himself "Roland Burris" and while I'm sure some black person out there is questionning Sen. Obama's "blackness", I feel it was irresponsible for the real Roland Burris (a former state Attorney General) to actually say this out loud. If this was him it surely was a sign of how long he's been out of public life (he ran against Blagojevich in the Democratic primary for governor in 2002)...
Roland Burris
January 23rd - 9:42 p.m.
Obama did sell himself cheap, but then again, who is he ? At least I was elected State wide, before the Daley people bought me out. He is just a pachaged white guy in a black uniform, the daley people will use him like a $20.00 whore, then he will become a token candidate for future elections.Guys like him, Jackson Jr., and State Senator Meeks sold out there Race, pay back will be a Bitch!
Yeah I hope you can see some red flags in this statement. I hardly think any former politician would come out and say someone bought them out. But hey, someone must be honest about that out there and will say it aloud.

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