Friday, January 19, 2007

I must say this has to be a good start...

The new state Treasurer Alexi Giannoulis was dogged for most his campaign by the claim that he helped organize crime secure million dollar loans and then his failure to answer the questions with regards to that. Then for a strange sense of curiosity I have a look at the State Treasurer's website and looking at his bio I see this...
As his first official act as Treasurer, Alexi signed an executive order prohibiting his campaign fund from accepting contributions from banks, Treasurer’s Office employees and contractors who do business with the office.

“For too long, the perception in Illinois is that campaign contributions buy political influence,” Alexi said in announcing his six-point plan. “Trading political money for political favors is a way of doing business that seems ingrained into our system of government. It’s poisoned the political climate and resulted in the public’s distrust of our elected officials. That’s wrong.”
You know at the state inaugural last week Giannoulis and other state constitution officers with the except of Gov. Blagojevich mentioned corruption and ethics. I suppose some even outlined plans. Perhaps despite his business at his family's bank I could be wrong about old Giannoulis and perhaps Sen. Obama knew what he was doing when he endorsed him.

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