Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Blog news on December 5th, 2006...

Over the weekend I made a change as far as links are concerned. The links you see now in my feed are now provided by Del.icio.us instead of Digg. Of course in the blog's footer you can still see all my links from those aforemention sites as well as Ma.gnolia and a feed for My Google Shared Items. I only link to the feed because the link to the actual items don't seem to show up properly although that has probably changed by now.

In addition there are some tag clouds in the sidebar to all the links that I have collected in Del.icio.us so far. It seems cool that I can link to those stories or content that I otherwise won't comment on. I rarely comment on national stories or international stories, but at least I can present them to you if you have the time and interest.

So check them out and take advantage.

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