Friday, December 29, 2006

Barbershop blues

Since when does a neighborhood barbershop gets attention from an international newspaper such as the International Herald Tribune, the international voice of The New York Times? Well it's because one of the clients in the famed Senator Barack Obama!!!!

Well this isn't why it's in the news. Check it out...

A historic Chicago barber shop where Muhammad Ali used to get his hair cut and Senator Barack Obama still goes for weekly trims is moving after its building was sold.

The Hyde Park Hair Salon, long a gathering place for the city's black community, has been in business about 80 years, said owner Abdul Karim Shakir.

"My heart just bleeds," said Leroy Cain, the salon's former owner. "I hate to see that shop move out of that building, period."

But unlike in the movie "Barbershop" — in which a Chicago barber shop owner fights shady developers — the seller, the University of Chicago, has promised to help move the salon to a new location, possibly a few blocks away.

The university is selling the building for $2.3 million (€1.75 million) to a development company, which plans to lease space to local and national stores and restaurants.
Mr. Shakir is certainly liking this attention right now!

And thanks to Gaper's Block: Merge!!!

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