Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I was watching Dorothy Brown on a podcast...

Of a cable access show I never get to see Jeff Berkowitz' Public Affairs. I have no idea of it is seen on CAN-TV, but I got a nice helping of this show thanks to the Illinois Channel's streaming of some episodes as web exclusive content during the recent elections.

He was interviewing Dorothy Brown, currently Cook County Circuit Court Clerk who is seeking to replace Mayor Daley next year as Mayor of Chicago (You can see more podcasts here). When they got to the issue of education it was interesting how Berkowitz broke is down to Ms. Brown and the audience. I'm going to attempt to illustrate that here.

Berkowitz take out a wad of cash from his pocket, then he pulls out a backpack. In illustrating his point for school voucher he places the cash into the backpack illustrating that the child's parents can take this cash with them and use it towards a private school. So I guess Berkowitz was saying public money not for the schools but the kids.

Well, this is something I support. I should be able to use my tax dollars and that money that would otherwise go to a public school should go with my child if I decide that s/he will go to a private school.

Now according to Berkowitz vouchers and choice are said to be popular in the black community. Not to say I'm skeptical but I would honestly like to see a poll indicating this fact. At that point the politicians and others should listen.

Perhaps at some point, I'll take more about this subject.

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