Saturday, October 07, 2006

Negro League Baseball Great Buck O'Neil Dies at 94

I'm quite sure that to a certain point that to many of us, the Negro Leagues of baseball were nothing but a footnote. Perhaps many of use thought of these leagues as nothing more than second fiddle to the major leagues who probably since the beginning to about the 1940s wouldn't let blacks play at all.

But I guess they're not a footnote. FOXNews has issued a FOX News alert saying that a former player from the Negro League Buck O'Neil has passed away at age 94. Now let me just say that reading this article that if he only started to decline seriously within the last two months, I'd seriously say that's exactly how I want to age. He seemed relatively active too.

He's been on David Letterman. He really shot to fame on the Ken Burns documentary, Baseball. Oh yeah it seems that early this year he actually played in a Negro League all star game in which he was the oldest person every to play baseball. He also almost made it into Cooperstown but he didn't get in.

Racial attitudes of the past didn't see him in the mainstream but at least on this day. He is covered on FOX News, the Chicago Sun-Times and hopefully other outlets.

Negro League Baseball Great Buck O'Neil Dies at 94 from
Baseball great Buck O'Neil dies at 94 from Chicago Sun-Times
Negro League great Buck O'Neil, 94, dies from
O'Neil, Negro Leagues player, dies at 94 from

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