Sunday, October 22, 2006


I just saw three hours of shows for this Sci-Fi series that airs on NBC. NBC isn't exactly known for sci-fi and it certainly helps if another company under the NBC Universal umbrella is the Sci-Fi Channel. Hopefully this series will be successful because I like this series so far.

BTW, the last sci-fi show I recall seeing on NBC was SeaQuest DSV. I really loved that show at least in it's first season, the second season just lost me (honestly I rarely watched it because my parents just so happened to have other plans for the TV, but when I was able to watch it, I was like WTF), and the third season was getting better but the series was cancelled before it could develop. They should release that series on DVD.

Of course NBC is the network of that great sci-fi classic, Star Trek. It only lasted three seasons as well, but NBC's loss became our gain. Star Trek has become a cultural icon with fans around the world. Not only that the series has spawned 10 movies (an 11th is on the way) and four other TV spinoffs. Now how cool is that.

Oh yeah what was this post about? Heroes, check it out.

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rubixcubeman said...

Mission 7: Find one who can walk through walls.
Can you walk through walls? Let me know if you can.
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