Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Todd Stroger Ducks V103 Debate with Peraica

I got this press release in my email from the Tony Peraica campaign...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Contact: Bill Pascoe
312-575-9500 (o)

Veil of Secrecy Surrounds Another Stroger; Todd Ducks V-103 Debate with Peraica

Chicago, Illinois... Todd Stroger's penchant for misinformation campaigns worked so well the first time, he's at it again.

Today, the bejeweled one backed out of a debate with reform candidate for County Board President Tony Peraica after previously confirming his appearance. Stroger's cancellation came - surprise, surprise - shortly after Peraica's confirmation.

The two were scheduled for an hour-long debate this coming Sunday, August 20, from 3-4pm on the popular R & B radio station V-103. The debate was to be moderated by Roland Martin, the Executive Editor of the Chicago Defender newspaper.

According to V-103, Stroger had committed to the debate as late as yesterday afternoon, but a Stroger official called this morning to say he had a previously scheduled meeting that could not be rescheduled.

"Todd Stroger has to understand that when people say that his appointment was a 'coronation', they are not paying him a compliment," said Peraica. "He is acting like royalty, dismissing the voters to whom he clearly feels no accountability. 'Who dares question Todd Stroger or demand that he engage the huddled masses beneath him?' is his attitude."

"There is not a debate, forum or editorial board meeting I have declined. I am excited about my reform message for Cook County government and I want the opportunity to share it with as many Cook County residents as possible," Peraica continued. "I want to earn this position by building trust with Cook County voters. I don't expect nor do I want anything bequeathed to me."


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