Friday, August 04, 2006

I just had to post this...

The rapper and actor Ice Cube has taken a nice little shot at Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for his lack of attention to poverty. I got this from the Left Coast Report. The last item in that report sounds quite naive to me. Of course that's not to say I don't know where Ice Cube was coming from...

Ice Cube Raps Schwarzenegger in New Album

Ice Cube, aka O’Shea Jackson, used to be known chiefly as a rapper.

But the performer has since appeared in many movies, including “Barbershop” and “Three Kings.”

Apparently, Ice Cube doesn’t like the way fellow thespian Arnold Schwarzenegger is carrying out his governor duties.

On his latest album, Ice Cube slams Schwarzenegger for engaging in self-promotion rather than focusing on poverty.

The rapper-actor’s main reason for chewing out Arnold is because Arnold won the election.

“He pisses me off just by the fact that he is the governor of California. That's enough,” Ice Cube told the World Entertainment News Network.

Ice Cube then analyzed the economy of the state, saying, “You've got to realize, there's a lot of money in California, but it suffers from economic greed. Nobody wants to give up their piece of the pie, so nobody can live real good without resorting to killing each other.”

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