Thursday, August 24, 2006

ECW on Sci-Fi

Tuesday night for the first time since I've been knowing about the return of ECW I saw my first ECW episode. It was OK but I was disappointed that they brought in the WWE Diva Torrie Wilson. That sluggish start just about ruined it for me but the show got better eventually.

I see that Test has finally returned to WWE in ECW and Hardcore Holly is now in ECW. I just wish I was able to see more ECW but I'll have to deal with not having Sci-Fi channel. And there's one more thing.

The main event of the vening was Sabu vs. ECW Champion Big Show. Before this main event Sabu actually talked. Oh man WWE had ruined him too Sabu never talks. Anyway he beat Big Show with in an inch of his life (believe it or not) and one more shot but Big Show out of the ring and through a table. I laughed my butt off at that.

Not a bad show but I shouldn't forget that ECW is owned by WWE and I shouldn't expect the ECW that I knew and loved for the brief time that I've seen it. I just don't want to see Torrie Wilson in there again unless she's going to get extreme.

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