Friday, August 11, 2006

Blacks in the Kentucky Derby...

I'm watching Seabiscuit again and I'm surfing the internet at the same time as usual. But I found a section devoted to blacks in the Kentucky Derby. I had no idea that the founder of Motown Records, Barry Gordy, had actually owned a horse that raced in the derby. I was just lurking the area with black jockeys and then I ventured toward the owners section. This is without a doubt an interesting find.

EDIT: At the last derby a couple of black celebrities were cited at Churchill Downs. One of whom I had actually seen on the long broadcast on NBC (I didn't get to see the actual race unfortunately). I believe that Ashanti and Ludacris was there. Ashanti was in white with a hat and maybe a veil and Ludacris was there looking "PIMP'D" out. Both were sharply dressed. I suppose in this case they were just spectators if not actual bettors.

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