Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ward bosses to decide Stroger replacement

I found this over at Capitol Fax Blog.

Democratic ward bosses will meet next week to replace retiring County Board President John Stroger on the November ballot and Stroger’s son has a majority of the weighted votes, Ald. William Beavers said Monday.

Twelve days after predicting that Ald. Todd Stroger (8th) would replace his father on the Democratic ticket, Beavers boldly repeated the prediction and said the outcome of the July 18 vote was never in doubt.

“I’ve got the votes….I haven’t counted them up, but I’ve got the majority,” said Beavers, self-declared spokesman for the Stroger family.
On Monday, Beavers disclosed that he has decided to relinquish his powerful job as chairman of the City Council’s Budget Committee as a favor to John Stroger.
It looks like they may actually go through with this. Bad move, but what can I say. Let's see how this pan out towards November. This was from a Chicago Sun-Times article.

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