Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Turning a page at Johnson Publishing

Johnson Publishing Company, they're responsible mainly for Ebony and Jet magazines, have hired a new executive director, Bryan Monroe . He will be responsible for content for those aformentioned magazines as well as their websites. Here's some current facts about Johnson publishing...

Its flagship general interest monthly, Ebony, has seen paid circulation drop by more than 100,000 to 1.46 million in the last two years, while Jet has kept circulation steady. As for online content, “There is a great opportunity with the Internet that we are just not tapping fully right now,” says Mr. Monroe, 40.
He was responsible for some Pulitzer Prize winning coverage of Hurricane Katrina...

As Hurricane Katrina bore down on the Biloxi, Miss. Sun Herald’s offices, the paper’s executive editor saw Bryan Monroe’s big frame down a hallway.

“The Marines have landed,” Stan Tiner recalls saying.

Mr. Monroe was assistant vice-president for news at Knight Ridder Inc., the newspaper’s parent, at the time. He and five staffers had driven rented SUVs from Atlanta to Biloxi to help get the paper out. Their aid contributed to The Sun Herald’s Pulitzer Prize-winning disaster coverage.

“He exuded confidence,” Mr. Tiner said. “You had the sense this was a man who can really do his job.”
As for what's going on at Johnson Publishing this is what Bryan Monroe had to say...
Ebony is not the San Jose Mercury News, a former Knight Ridder paper known for dogged investigative coverage where Mr. Monroe spent 11 years. Ebony’s August cover story is entitled “Mariah Carey’s Big Comeback,” which calls the pop singer a “resilient artist” who “has demonstrated that she has what it takes –– enormous talent, guts and perseverance –– to overcome adversity and endure personal and career setbacks.” Jet has a newsier edge.

Asked if he’ll put harder news in Ebony, Mr. Monroe answered, “I know there are many other topics that we haven’t covered that we can cover.”
Read more at Crain's Chicago Business. I haven't picked up an Ebony or a Jet in years. The coverage hasn't really interested me, but I do hope that those magazines can get back as close as to what they were during the Civil Rights Movement. Perhaps they can be that magazine today. I hope that Monroe can cover stories that weren't covered in Ebony/Jet.

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