Friday, July 14, 2006

Remember Cory Booker????

He was in the news today. Apparently he attempted to chase down some bank robbers. He wasn't successful but the criminal were caught eventually. Also what shocks me was that he actually won the Newark mayoralty.

The election was back on May 9th. Mayor Sharpe James didn't want any of Mr. Booker this time and chose not to seek a sixth term. Booker faced Newark's deputy mayor and state senator Ronald Rice. He beat Rice 72% to 23%. Not only that Booker's slate of city council candidates were able to sweep the city council elections giving Corey Booker solid control of city government. His term in office began on July 1st.

Too bad I don't actually live in New Jersey or I'd actually would have heard about this. And don't forget I dropped his name on this blog last year sometime. I blogged twice about a documentary about his first mayoral campaign.

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