Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It's Todd Stroger!!!

Todd Stroger was selected today to be the Democratic nominee for Cook County Board President. He edged out Rep. Danny Davis in the voting that took place in the Hotel Allegro the longtime meeting place of county Democrats (hey wasn't that the Bismark Hotel where the Republicans selected a "dark horse" by the name of Warren Harding for their nominee for President of the United States back in 1920 talk about a smoke filled room). According to the Tribune the tally of weighted votes among the Cook County Democratic committemen was 77% Stroger to 23% Davis.

From the Tribune...

Stroger told committeemen of his background as a legislator and an alderman and said he has "a genuine passion for county government" and would not use the position as a "stepping stone" for a higher office.

He said he was "proud of the Stroger legacy" and has had a "long-term interest in county government that comes with being raised a Stroger."

But, he said, "I am my own person."

Davis warned committeemen that the Democratic Party could face a backlash as a result of the replacement process.

"The people want to be heard. They want your decision to reflect their views," Davis said.
I think there is a good possibility of a backlash. Perhaps people who dislike the choice of Ald. Todd Stroger will consider voting for Commissioner Tony Peraica, Stroger's Republican opponent. Either way we have at least 4 months before the next election.

John Stroger who is to resign the county board presidency on July 31st according to Crain's Chicago Business...

He was admitted to the Rush University Medical Center Saturday. A spokesman for Todd Stroger said the elder Stroger's most recent hospital admission was to address a series of minor seizures.
We know who the nominee for county board president will be but who will fill the seat until after the election. Well the choices are either commissioner Bobbie Steele or the man who ran against John Stroger for the nomination for County Board President, commissioner Forrest Claypool.

Speaking of Bobbie Steele, she took her name out of contention for the the spot for President on the November ballot. She had some comments with regards to these developments thanks to Newsradio 780 WBBM.

Meanwhile, Steele said she thought Todd Stroger was a weak candidate.

"I don't have a legendary last name. My dad was a farmer. And I'll say no more," Steele said Monday.
I've got one more for you. How well have Republicans have done for county board presidency since the 1960s? Let check out what Tribune columnist Eric Zorn has said.

But lots of money and foot soldiering will go into rehabilitating young Stroger's image -- now he's portrayed in political cartoons as "Toddler," a homunculus in oversized glasses -- and tearing into Peraica.

And my guess is that, on November 7, voters will fall in line when they go to the polls. They usually do, especially when it comes to electing the offspring of powerful. If party leaders make the election of Todd Stroger a priority, it will take a near revolution to thwart their wishes.

After all, 40 percent is best that a Republican candidate has done in a Cook County Board president's race since the 1960s.
I think Tony Peraica has a lot of work to do. He can't rest on his laurels.

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