Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Cook County Drama...

Thanks to the Chicago Sun-Times...

Let me start off with the county board approving a measure that no longer allows for the name of the county board president to be placed on any signs for the Cook County Forest Preserves. This was considered a time honored tradition that is now going bye-bye. This is what Commissioner (and Country Board Presidential candidate) Tony Peraica has to say...
"Without any disrespect to anybody," Commissioner Tony Peraica said, "I don't believe we should spend the funds to constantly update the names on any signage."

Here's another item about "Poop butt" in a column by Carol Marin. It's pretty funny. She talked to Danny Davis about what exactly does this mean. See this appeared in the papers last week when Ald. Bill Beavers (who hopes to take the county commissioner seat of John Stroger) directed this term at County Clerk David Orr. Danny Davis asked if Marin was sure he didn't say "poot but". Read her column to see what that means.

I just have to throw in Ald. Todd Stroger who wants to take his daddy's position as County Board President. Well this isn't in the Sun-Time but there's an item about this on the Capitol Fax Blog. It seems he's having trouble navigating campaign finance laws. He's sending fundraising letters from his aldermanic offices. Not only that it seems there is no record of his arrangement of funding his ward office which is not only an aldermanic office, but is headquarters of the 8th ward organization, and of a local state representative. When I saw this video I was like DAMN. I've got figure out how one comes across campaign finance disclosures.

Also look at this article at how Ald. Beavers might already be at odd with the people on the county board. Check some of this out...

The 7th Ward alderman says he wants the 4th District commissioner's job so he can do "less work."

Dealing with the county's budget crisis, he says, will be "much easier" than what he's handled as city budget chairman and he isn't worried about the county's 2007 budget because he expects it to be passed before he gets there in January -- even though that timetable hasn't happened in two years.

He needs to be on the board, he says, because John Stroger "didn't have the leadership" from his board allies to help stop some of the vicious debates he's endured.

Should Ald. Todd Stroger (8th) win the right to replace his father, who suffered a stroke in March, Beavers says he'll serve as a barrier and "ward off" the attacks.

"If Ald. Beavers thinks he's going to come over here and stifle debate and stop commissioners from speaking out, he's got another think coming," said Commissioner Forrest Claypool. "Things may work that way at the City Council, but that's not the way things work at the County Board."

Finally here's the final piece of this puzzle. Ald. Beavers wants to have installed his daughter Darcel (currently Beavers' chief of staff) as his replacement but here's a curveball. The wife of Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. may want some of this action. So it could be that Darcel may have a short stay as 7th ward Alderman. I suppose we'll have to see come February.

What is the unfolding story line of this political soap opera?

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