Friday, June 09, 2006

Tom Roeser on Barack Obama

Thanks to a morning shorts post at Capitol Fax Blog commentary from So-Called Austin Mayor on a column from Chicago Sun-Times Columnist Tom Roeser. Check this out...
Obama, a mulatto, has a white mother and black father: thus he looks vaguely more representatively white than black and as such is white liberal America’s idea as the first black president. He could play one on “West Wing.”

Edward Brooke, the liberal Republican Senator from Massachusetts, who had far more experience than Obama (having been state attorney general and a two-term Senator) was never regarded as a presidential contender: reason, he could not be mistaken for a white man. He was also Republican but that was of less importance than his looks.

This article will be cited as horrendous by the political correctionists -- but the writer is too old to be dismayed by the cosmetician obfuscators.You read it here first: The reason Obama is mentioned so often by the media for president is that he is half white and visibly so -- and liberals who are nothing if not hypocritical, deem him easier to accept and elect than were he fulsomely black.
I'll be honest when I say that I'm not a fan but I think that Roeser may be off base here. If this were another era and perhaps another region Sen. Obama would not have had a chance biracial, well spoken, or not. Now as for him being the "liberal" idea of a black president, if one was to believe that there was a lot more to it than him being "biracial".

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Bill Baar said...

The Mel Reynolds / Gus Savage experience left me wary of African American pols who are more popular among whites than African Americans.

Reynolds didn't have looks going for him but he sure had all of the prestigous credentials.

Obama no Reynolds for sure, but you sometimes wonder if his neigbors on the southside realized something about him when Bobby Rush crushed him in an election.

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