Sunday, June 11, 2006

This has been out there for a while...

I've heard more on this from Rush Limbaugh than anywhere else but I can't say that I've really been looking. A congressman from Louisiana Rep. William Jefferson might be dumped aside by his Democratic colleagues because of some recent investigations. But the Congressional Black Caucus has come to Jefferson's aid.

It seems that before anything solid is found on Rep. Jefferson the Democrats in a drive by House minority leader Nancy Pelosi they are ready to remove him from his position on the House Ways & Means committee. Let me just quote what Rush had to say on this and I'm sure this may rattle some cages...
There still has been no adjudication of his case just as there has been no adjudication of the case of Congressman William Jefferson (Democrat-Louisiana). What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, the Congressional Black Caucus is right, and they know this. What we have here is an example of Democrats, white, plantation, liberal Democrats, who at the first sign of trouble will throw one of their black brothers off the bus just like that in order to protect their own image. Now, some of you might be saying, "Well, Pelosi's doing the right thing, Rush. She's acting in the best interests of her party."

Maybe so. But Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have played the race card their entire political career. Sort of like when you live by the photo-op, you die by the photo-op. When you live by the race card, you may end up dying by it. And I am here to tell you today that the Congressional Black Caucus as a matter of point of law is exactly right. There is no charge, even, yet against Congressman William Jefferson (Democrat-Louisiana). There is no trial slated. There are no charges, there is not an indictment.

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