Thursday, June 29, 2006

Stroger is to step down next month

I found this story from Crain's Chicago Business as well...

Ailing Cook County Board President John H. Stroger Jr. — who this week decided to give up his race for a new term in favor of his son, Todd — now has decided to resign his office, effective at the end of July, sources close to the matter are reporting.

The announcement is to come in the form of a letter from Mr. Stroger that is to be read by his chief of staff, James Whigham, at a press conference tentatively set for Friday afternoon. The letter reportedly will cite Mr. Stroger’s lengthy recovery from a severe stroke he suffered days before the March Democratic primary.

Mr. Stroger’s official county spokesman confirmed that Mr. Whigham intends to meet with the press Friday afternoon “to talk to reporters about the president.”

“I can’t confirm” that Mr. Whigham will read a letter of resignation from Mr. Stroger, the spokeswoman added.

Mr. Stroger’s earlier decision to abandon his re-election race and throw his backing to Todd Stroger, a Chicago alderman, has caught some flak but is expected to be ratified soon by Democratic committeemen. But there has been more criticism about his prior plan to fulfill the remaining months of his term, a decision announced Wednesday by Ald. William Beavers (7th), a long-time ally and friend of Mr. Stroger’s.
There was no immediate word on who might be named to fill the remainder of Mr. Stroger’s term. Under law, incumbent members of the board must choose a replacement from among themselves.

Among names prominently mentioned as possible interim presidents are Commissioners John Daley, chairman of the board’s finance committee, and Bobbie Steele.
Looking at the Capitol Fax Blog there was a number of Cook County items but I found this column from the Sun-Times' Mark Brown to be interesting. Especially with regards to the man who will replace John Stroger on the ballot for county board president...

Unlike the progeny of some of the other politicians boosted up the ladder, the characteristic so often remarked upon in regards to Todd Stroger is his utter lack of ambition in everything he's done. A nice guy, they've always said, but no fire in the belly. Beavers says he'll be different now.
I wonder if Beavers is really serious. Beavers is no spring chicken himself, what will Todd Stroger do if Beavers isn't there to look over Stroger the younger's shoulder. I've got one more column this time from Mary Mitchell this deal that's being talked about is unfair to another longtime member of the board. The one who is said should really take the spot as county board president...
But if the scheme to install Ald. Todd Stroger (8th) as Cook County Board president is an indication of the direction black politics is heading, good government is still a long way off. Frankly, the actions black politicians have taken since Todd Stroger’s father, President John Stroger, suffered a stroke in March have made us a laughingstock.

These elected officials aren’t even pretending to be interested in public service.
The two columns from this morning were pretty good a shame that I had to gloss over this in only a couple of paragraphs perhaps I'll expand on them. I hope the voter are paying attention to this. Especially those who will rightfully be upset about this.

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