Saturday, June 10, 2006


I got to reminiscing about this girl who went to my high school a few years back. Overhearing her conversation in class with another friend of mine I found out she went to Whitney Young Magnet High School located on the west side of Chicago. I wondered why she showed up at the ghetto school that I attended.

I found out later on. One of my guys said something to her and she was so ticked off that she was screaming and had to be restrained. In other words she was about to fight. It was so bad that our PE teacher stopped a game in progress to calm things down. So this got me thinking many years later that this was why she found herself going from one of the best schools in the city to one of the most underperforming school in the Chicago Public Schools.

So her disclipline was a problem. She probably went off on the wrong person and they went on ahead and got rid of her. And gave her slot to someone more deserving. I mean this had to been a blow to her family as much as it was to her. Though at that age as a sophomore in high school she probably said she didn't care but she may or may not. Because she had an uncontrollable temper she blew it at the best school in the city.

At my high school they had to spend so much time trying to maintain some semblance of control because unfortunately some fools would bring their issues off the streets from last night or whenever. My generation had to walk through metal detectors before we started our day. Even worse these fools disrupted classes, have major fights in the halls, even engage in various forms of vandalism. They closed school early once because a fire was started in the boys locker room near the end of the day. And she got all mad and out of control and it sent her there.

I just want to say that it would be nice if our public schools were like a series of Whitney Youngs (WANNABE A DOLPHIN!!! Did I say that right?). That they wouldn't tolerate the disclipline problems that a lot of our schools face. Unfortunately we also have to face the fact that there are parents out there who don't care and cast their kids off onto the system as if it is the system's job to babysit their kids as they do whatever.

I hate to advocate this because some of our leaders are saying something along the lines of, "if we don't do something with some of these kids now they'll victimize the ones doing something with themselves". I guess we can't be too hardnosed but we can't let the kids do what they want either. Right now I'm kind of glad I'm not a parent, yet.

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