Monday, June 12, 2006

I've been on a Walker, Texas Ranger trip...

So this got me to thinking if there are actually any black Texas Rangers out there. Other than the fictional Ranger James Trivette. Just some random black history to throw out there.

First Black Texas Ranger hired..

September 6

*On this date in 1988, Lee Roy Young became the first African- American Texas Ranger.

The history of the Texas Rangers began in 1820 when the Mexican Government gave permission for 300 families to enter the territory of Texas. On August 10, 1823, permission was granted to employ ten men from a group of volunteers to protect the new Texas frontier.

Lee Roy Young was the first Black in the police force’s 165-year history.

I've also found a story in which a black female Texas Ranger accused some of her collegues of sexual harrasment back in 1995.

First Black Texas Ranger hired..from the African American Registry

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