Sunday, June 11, 2006

I went to a funeral on Friday...

It was a first cousin who died prematurely. So we went to the suburban chapel of A.R. Leak and Sons in Country Club Hills, IL for the services. I didn't know he served in the Army reserve until I saw a flag draped casket and I thought we was at the wrong services.

In any case the services ended and it was time to be dismissed so that the family and friends can get in the processional on the way to the burial site. One of the morticians mentioned something about how we lived in a city where people don't respect the dead anymore so be careful. Well let me mention a couple of occasions where that is true.

We were in a processional after leaving the services and we approach this expressway where some people were getting off. And there was this Dodge Durango who in a fit of aggressive driving got right into the processional. My mother who was driving wasn't keeping up too well so basically this person found a hole and got in it. That's what some drivers tend to do find a hole and get in it. They never seem to be able to sit still.

So as we approach the next light I figured this person would turn there but guess what they didn't and thus we and several other people behind us were separated from the processional. And eventually we figured out that the driver of this processional was a woman and she was on her phone, talking away. This was why she disrespected the dead. And she wasn't through driving aggressively as she aggressively weaved between two lanes before she finally turned a few lights down. And never fear we eventually caught up to the funeral procession.

A few years earlier an older man got into a funeral procession for whatever reason. This guy even let someone else get into the procession, just waved him in. We were never separated from the rest however this guy was a nusiance and we finally got away from this guy. He probably wasn't paying attention but he definitely didn't have a cell phone. We was writing with my aunts and one of them yelled out at this guy for getting into the funeral procession. Where did this all come from?

I wanted to share more thing here. This has nothing to do with the funeral I went to on Friday, but I watched a rerun of the second or so episode of The Shield. It started off with a burial service of two people a cop and a thug. The cop funeral was more dignified while the funeral for the thug seemed less so. The cop got a gun salute and his widow offered a flag while everyone seemed to keep their composure. The thug's buddies basically just poured their 40 oz and dropped their bandannas and other trinkets to "honor" their fallen buddy. I suppose the only point of that was to juxtapose the funeral of the police vs. the funeral of a fallen thug.

I just thought that was interesting.

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