Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Wrasslin News...

I was watching Raw Monday night and it proved to be worthwhile. I'm mostly disappointed by what the WWE has offered. The women has turned me off the most. I like women wrestlers but I really like it if they can actually wrestle. Most of the ladies in WWE today are nothing but eyecandy and trained to take some bumps. And some of the gimmicks have proven to be flat in my opinion.

To my delight I have found out earlier this year that there will be another ECW:One Night Stand. And even better and this was reiterated tonight that ECW will be back full time no more once a year pay-per-views. Indeed last years One Night Stand seemed to be billed only as a one time deal. I guess it proved to be a success.

Before I get to the point I was honestly disapointed when I saw ECW and WCW fizzle out in the alliance angle almost five years ago. The once great promotion of WCW was turned into a joke and ECW was lumped right into that group. It would have been cool if the two promotion so be it a McMahon was only an onscreen presence for either ECW or WCW. This never came to pass however.

So tonight I saw The Hardcore Legend Mick Foley go face to face with former ECW owner Paul Heyman. It was a great segment Foley and Heyman traded barbs with each other until finally Paul started talking about ECW business. He talked about how Rob Van Dam (RVD) when he wins the WWE title would turn that belt into the ECW title and they announced that he was allowed to draft picks from Raw and Smackdown. Heyman even talked about a new vision for ECW which will include (all be it in a reduced mode) barbed wire and the pile driving women.

And this has made be really want to see some ECW. The first draft pick was the a-fore-mentioned RVD from Raw and then the bombshell that might reverberate in the wrestling world. Heyman says that they've been looking at this guy for a while. It was Kurt Angle and when I saw this I was leaping for joy because I didn't believe it and this seems like a great addition. I wonder ho Kurt Angle will work out with the hardcore aspect of ECW.

So Kurt Angle is a part of the new vision for ECW and it makes sense. Kurt Angle can actually wrestle a good match. While the bloody hardcore action of ECW attracted me to the action, ECW has some pretty good straight wrestling matches. Imagine this a straight wrestling match with no brawling, barbed wire, thumbtacks, tables, ladders, etc. Just straight wrestling the way I can see on ECW when they were on before they went bankrupt in 2001.

So it appears finally that Vince McMahon has lived up to a promise he made years ago. That ECW will ultimately become WWE's third brand. It almost didn't seem like it was going to happen either. I won't be able to watch the next ECW PPV but I really want to get the eventual DVD like I got the recent one which I haven't stopped watching since I bought it last Christmas.

But if you have PPV please purchase ECW:One Night Stand live on June 11, 2006.

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Bill Baar said...

not at all related to this post, but what's with the Bill Cosby pic?

Now this is a guy who makes sense, but I always wonder why he singles out poor black people for shots that could just as easily be make on wealthier white folks.

The problems he points out are real, their just not unique to the poor or blacks.... there really american problems.

Maybe I should google him a read closer....

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